12 November 2017

Thou Shall Prosper – Actionable Books

Thou Shall Prosper – Actionable Books:

Thou Shall Prosper

"Step one in the process of increasing your income is to begin wrapping yourself around these two related notions: 1) You are in business and 2) the occupation of business is moral, noble, and worthy."
- Thou Shall Prosper, page 19
How much would the wisdom of men from thousands of years ago, when Apple meant an apple, teach us about current business practices?  It turns out, very much.  Thus is the case of Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.  Rabbi Lapin is a bi-vocational Rabbi, meaning he not only leads his congregation but also engages full throttle in the world of commerce and business.  The concepts that he teaches are based off of ancient Jewish tradition and culture.
Rabbi Lapin’s language is clear, straightforward, and challenging from the moment you pick up his hearty discourse.  Below are his 10 Commandments for Making Money:
1. Believe in the Dignity and Morality of Business
2. Extend the Network of your Connectedness to Many People
3. Get to Know Yourself
4. DO NOT Pursue Perfection
5. Lead Consistently and Constantly
6. Constantly Change the Changeable, While Steadfastly Clinging to the Unchangeable
7. Learn to Foretell the Future
8. Know Your Money
9. Act Rich: Give away 10% of your After-Tax Income
10. Never Retire

08 November 2017

#2 — Hustling is over rated

#2 — Hustling is over rated

I’m a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, and I love his messages about hustling. Yet I only watch 5min of his videos when I need an extra boost of motivation to get something done.
Eventually, this all-in thing about hustling hard, and working 10 days a week / 50h a day is the dumbest thing to do once you start “making it”.

Gary Vaynerchuk - Wikipedia

Gary Vaynerchuk (Russian: Геннадий Вайнерчук) is an American entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality.


11 months & $750,000 later, I decided to close my drop shipping business. Here’s why.

11 months & $750,000 later, I decided to close my drop shipping business. Here’s why.:

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Using Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) to Grow Your Business

Using Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) to Grow Your Business : 'via Blog this'